Post Construction and Renovation Clean Up

Is your office space a mess from construction? We are here to help!

We provide exceptional cleaning services at Brooms and Brushes Cleaning Service based on years of experience and attention to detail. Our services include commercial cleaning for offices, dorms, and warehouses. Here are the advantages of hiring us for your post-construction and renovation cleanup.

Lady cleaning screen in office

Years of Experience and Training

Our confidence in promising you a fantastic customer experience stems from the years of hands-on knowledge in cleaning, management, and leadership experience. As a team passionate about cleaning, you can rest assured that we will do a perfect job. With us, you won’t have to worry about any dust left behind.

Vacuum office renovation

Right Skills and Equipment

The Brooms and Brushes Cleaning Service team has the right and necessary skills required to give professional results. You are also assured that we use the best and most effective cleaning equipment to ensure a complete cleanse. We aim to thoroughly clean the rooms, ensure that it is move-in ready, and give attention to the exterior as much as the interior.

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Custom Cleaning Plan

We ensure that all our clients’ standards are met. We achieve this by working with you to create a custom cleaning plan that puts every detail into focus. Our team will work with your budget and specifications to ensure you are satisfied.

Cleaning Window

Varieties of Clients

Because we work with various clients in a wide range of industries, no type of post-construction and renovation cleanup is new to us. We provide detailed cleaning of the walls, windows, frames, ceilings, floor, and all building sections. We also address safety issues to ensure you are safe and healthy.

We know that cleaning up construction debris is no fun, so we are committed to taking over the responsibility of cleaning to provide you with a place where you feel comfortable. Brooms and Brushes Cleaning Service offers premium commercial cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact us to learn more or get a quote now!

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